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Kiran Pichai

Know Everything About Kiran Pichai His Bio, Age, Family, Education, and Net Worth.

Kiran Pichai

Kiran Pichai is the Indian child of the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. He is 14 years old boy who was born in 2007. Right now, he is a secondary school student who is now concentrating on his education. Kiran could be a child UN agency was brought into the globe with a silver mouth while his father is a business executive at Google and India.

Kiran is behind in his journey in America and has American citizenship. His father is a citizen of the US who is more popular than his son Kiran. He wants to have a decent career like his father. Regards to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, his son Kiran realized that Ethereum is better than paper money and so is working to enhance it. Well, there is a lot of information about him, so keep reading the article and then gain more data. 

Personal information of Kiran Pichai

Kiran Pichai’s nickname is Kiran. Now he is studying secondary school, of course, he is a student. Since he is more familiar with being the son of Sundar Pichai, he is an Indian nationality, and his religion is Hinduism. 

He is a teenager, and he was born and brought up in America, but his parents are Indian. Well, he and his sister are grown up in the US. He is completing secondary school in the US. Of course, he is a good child and likes to play cricket and football. Although he plays only for entertainment and for himself, in order to become like his father, he needs to work very hard. 

Kiran Pichai Son Sundar Pichai Family

Kiran Pichai Son Sundar Pichai Family
Kiran Pichai Son Sundar Pichai Family

Kiran pichai parents are Sundar Pichai, and Anjali Pichai. Sundar Pichai was born in Madras, Tamil Nadu his mother was Lakshmi, Stenographer, and his father was Regunatha Pichai, who was a British Conglomerate electrical engineer at GEC. Kiran has only one sister, and her name is Kavya Pichai. his father is the most familiar person globally and is the Chief Executive Officer of Google. In the tech world, he is a familiar one. 

Kiran lifestyle

As all we know, Kiran Pichai is the son of one of the familiar people who settled in America and then ensured American Citizenship. Also, Kiran got US citizenship, and he is starting his journey toward success in the USA. In addition, he had more pressure to build his career like his father, and then he began to give his best in order to become a good person and businessman like his father. Kiran father, Sundar Pichai, is the CEO of Google and the considerable things which is an Indian. 

Kiran Pichai’s Net worth and career

Kiran has not discussed his future goals, so he is very private. As per the reports, he is following his parent’s path. Right now, he is studying in secondary school; at this time, we do not know his wealth and income sources. Kiran father’s wealth amount is nearly 1.5 billion. 

Facts about Kiran Pichai

Here are some of the facts about Kiran Pichai are listed below

  • Kiran is in their teenage years and not, nevertheless, an adult
  • He is an American citizen person due to his father has US citizenship
  • He is currently living with his family at his own home in California. 
  • Right now, He is focusing on his studies.
  • There is no report about Kiran’s Net worth, and his father’s Networth is 1.5 billion USD.
  • Also, he is trying to become the very best in his studies, and his main goal is too famous and familiar as his father.
  • Right now, he may not have any more achievements; if any updates later will update you.
  • He is Hindu by religion.
  • Kiran hobbies are reading, traveling, chess, playing, and so more. 

Those as mentioned earlier are various facts about Kiran, who is the son of Sundar Pichai. 

Bottom line

Now you may get more information regards Kiran Pichai, who is the most notable person in the world. Like his father, he is getting more popular. Even though he and his family got US citizenship remaining, they are Indian. Well, he has a good relationship with his family, as with every character. 

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