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Damian Gabrielle

Damian Gabrielle: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

  • Damian Gabrielle – ex-husband of Olga Kulrylenko (Hollywood star)
  • Damien – businessman & entrepreneur
  • Limelight – marriage with Olga

Damian Gabrielle is a celebrity husband of Olga Kulrylenko, who appeared in the World Famous James Bond film. Damien is a successful businessman and got separated with his celebrity wife after making headlines with relationship and marital affairs. Let us know more information about him.

Early Life And Bio: Damian Gabrielle

  • Damien – born – 1975
  • No info of parents, siblings and childhood
  • Reports say – father is businessman & mother is housewife

There is not much information available about his parents and his childhood. He was born in 1975 but the date of birth is still unknown as he has not revealed it to the media and the details about his parents have also been kept secret. According to reports, his father was a businessman hence he had great interest in business and his mother was a normal, simple housewife.

Physical Appearance: Damian Gabrielle

  • Average business man
  • Height – 5 ft 9 inches
  • Big smile
  • Charming personality
  • Grim faced

Damien Gabrielle is the celebrity husband of a famous French actress, but looks like an average businessman as he had no interest in an acting career. He has white hair with black eyes and a big, wide smile on his face. Damian always looked like the person with whom anyone can approach. He is a 5 ft 9 inches tall person who looked less charming than he actually is.

Personal Life: Damian Gabrielle

  • Damien lives private life
  •  no info to media about relationships
  • Relation with Olga Kurylenko in 2005
  • Married Olga in 2006
  • Divorce in 2007
  • Reasons for separation unknown
Damian Gabrielle
Damian Gabrielle with her husband

Damian Gabrielle has lived a very private life, hence there is not much information available about his parents, childhood and his siblings. He has not shared anything other than information of being in a relationship with his ex-wife Olga Kurylenko. They had a year-long relationship and got married in 2006 in a private wedding. However, the bond was not so close and they got separated in 2007 to which neither of the two had given any specific reasons.


  • Successful businessman, entrepreneur
  • Ex-husband of Hollywood Star
  • No info of business career
  • Doesn’t like media attention

Damien is a successful businessman and ex-husband of Famous Hollywood star heroine. Although the relationship was just 3 years together, they both made a lot of news and got into a lot of eyes among the public. All of the information regarding his occupation, business and entrepreneurial details have been kept secret by Damein as he doesn’t liked the media attention on him since the start.

Net Worth

  • No exact info of net worth
  • Expert’s reports & analysis from business sources
  • Damien net worth – $10 million (approx)
  • No info of damien net worth
  • Olga Kurylenko net worth – $18 million
  • Both divorce – half of net worth shared

Damien is a successful businessman, entrepreneur and ex-husband of a Hollywood star which makes him one of the top millionaires in the United States. Although the information is not available about his net worth but experts’ assumption and analysis of source incomes suggests that he has net worth of $10 million and his divorce with celebrity wife Olga Kurylenko, who has estimated $18 million net worth, he might have gotten at least half of the net worth due to the divorce.

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