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BasakGumulcinelioglu: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

BasakGumulcineliogluis is known as a Turkish Actress and architect. He is born on 22nd October 1991 and was also born in Istanbul and was nationality is Turkish. He is best known for the player job and from the years he is active in acting from the year on the active year since 2016 till present. He is known for his education and his education is from Istanbul Technical University his master’s is done with the Faculty of Architecture. He is known for providing Ra Entertainment. Basak is known to be born in the year 1991 and also he established acting the theater for the theater such as Istanbul People’s theatre and also BKM Theatre.

Overview: BasakGumulcinelioglu

He is born on October 22, 1991, and she graduated from the school is Bahcelievler Anatolian High school during her school education is high school education, and also graduated from higher education school, and then she is known as a high school diploma. Also, she used to graduate from high school and also attended high school in the town. She became instantly popular from the AFS program which is on the scholarship. After that, she is known to left her education and returned to Turkey because of the illness.

Education: BasakGumulcinelioglu

She is known and affording higher education at the Bahcesehir university and she got her education from the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Also, she continue her higher education, and then she get a music theater education she is available after that she was known to return to turkey and just for the agency that is Ra Entertainment. She is known and married to the CagriCitanak.

Life: BasakGumulcinelioglu

She is known to born in the year and graduated from Bahcelievler Anatolian High School. During his summer school in London, Geneva, and Brussels appear in the summer months. He is known for attending high school and appearing in the theatre and also television series. She belonged to him and acted in various television series. She is also known to be termed the “Best TV Series Music” award and also known as the “Best TV Series Music”. Also awarded with so many awards.



He is known for his production and also appearing in television series and is also deemed worthy of appearing in various awards such as the Number One Video Music Awards. He is known to achieve great success with various television shows. Basak is known to appear in so many television series that appear in the theatre and also appear in the song that is Sen Cal Kapimi and this film is known to appear as a lyrics and composition.

The film appears in the My Heart is the Place of Fire and also appears in the role of Belkis He is appearing for the FOX channel. He is known to appear in the role of SehnazYuksel and appear in the production of the year 2018 for the Show Tv channel. He appears in various products such as You Knock My Door, Judgement, and Sipahi. He is known for the production of the series that is Unfinished Love and for the role of Unripe Almond which appear on the platform BluTV.

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