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Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Net Worth

Love Island is a popular tv show broadcasting on British television. The very first season of Love Island was shown back in the year 2005 and after its final season in 2006, it was cancelled. However, from 2015 the show started broadcasting once again and this time it became so popular that it ended up becoming one of the most watched TV shows in the United Kingdom, appropriately hitting their target audience of people in between the age range of 16 to 32 years.

Tasha Ghouri: Intro

The concept of love Island has similarities with other game shows but also has a unique concept of its own. Basically, a group of women and a group of men participate in this show and perform various kinds of adventurous tasks by teaming up with each other, and the motive of this show is to help them find the perfect partner for each other. Although Love Island is a show that is mainly made for British television, people from other countries have also been able to watch it through streaming platforms, YouTube videos and more. Love Island is a funny and entertaining TV show.

So far, there have been 8 seasons of the show.

Tasha Ghouri: Note To Have

Tasha Ghouri is a model, dancer and fashion influencer from North Yorkshire. This beautiful woman also participated in Love Island season 8, and created history by being the very first deaf contestant to participate in the show. Despite her disability, her personality was absolutely amazing and very soon she became a fan favourite in the show, as she never stopped being herself.

One of the main reasons why Tasha participated in the show was to bring awareness to the deaf community. A lot of people, especially those in the able-bodied community believe that having a certain kind of disability means that they cannot live their life freely and openly. To prove this misconception wrong, Tasha created an Instagram account where she constantly advocated for the deaf community. This led to her becoming a huge inspiration to a lot of people, both young and older than her. Another reason why Tasha was so much loved in the show was because of her infectious laugh and her bubbly, happy personality.

On the first day of Love Island, when Tasha appeared in the famous sunny Majorca villa, she was paired up with fellow contestant Andrew Le Page, with whom she stayed all the way to the finals, which also earned them fourth position. Tasha’s popularity also brought a lot of opportunities towards her work life.

Tasha Ghouri

Creative Look

Tasha has an Instagram account where she has 1.5 million followers. She is a brand ambassador for EBay Preloved and hair extensions and wig company LullaBelz. Back when she participated in Love Island, she was paired up with Andrew Le Page. Their relationship was a little Rocky at start with misunderstandings here and there, but they worked through it all and are still going strong as a real life couple. It can thus be concluded that Tasha was definitely one of the most loved contentants of the show.

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