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Trent Lane

Trent Lane: Bio, Character, Life, Career, Age

ABOUT: Trent Lane

Trent: The son of Vincent Lane and Amanda Lane. Trent Lane is the second youngest Lane child in the family. His younger brother is called Jane lane. Jane Lane aspires music in the band known as Mystic Spiral. He is voiced Alvaro J Gonzalez. His age is 24 when the series starts and he turns 26 or 27 when the series ends. He is a musician by occupation. He appeared for the first time in the episode “The invitation.” And appears lastly in the episode “is it college yet?” His family has a lot of members and he also has an on and off girlfriend who is called Monique. You can call him somewhat full of a lot of insight.

His on-off girlfriend Monique is a lead singer of a local band called as “The Harpies.” He fears that once her mother – Amanda did not look for him and get worried when he lived in a tent in the backyard. He is very close to Jane in the family.

Trent Lane: OUTLOOK

His appearance is fairly thin. He is an adult male and is pretty slim. The color of his hair is black and he styles it in the form of spikes. He has a goatee and long side burns.  He has pierced three holes in his ears and wears accessories on them. His normal daily attire is a green tshirt along with grey colorer jeans. The jeans has a hole in the left leg. His wears black colored shoes. He also wears a bracelet and a gold pendant around his neck. He is fond of rings and has tattoos on his arms.


He it not too introverted or extroverted, he just simply chills and vibes in the situations. He has a laid back personality. His voice is soft and not very coarse. He never wears a watch because he is always late. So he decided not to wear watches. But he does care about his little sister Jane and will truly do anything to protect a d support her despite his laziness. He is the most stable member from his band. He is fond of weird things. He has a band mate known as Jesse who he usually hangs out with. He also believes high schools are a waste of time and the concept is wrong.

Trent Lane


Daria actually got a crush on Trent during the early seasons of the show. She wants to build an impression around Trent and wants to impress him. That is why Jane Lane has decided to leave them alone many times. After a while, he tries to avoid Daria, so that his impression stays good and he does not embarrass himself in front of her. He also sometimes takes advantage of the fact that Daira likes him.


In the future, he hasn’t exactly found “success” but he is an operating band. He lives with his bandmates in the area of Queens. He has some financial issues but is working out and doing extra jobs like bartending and managing things.

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