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Melisa Dongel

Melisa Dongel: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Melisa Dongelis very well known as a Turkish actress and also model who is known for the best for her role in the drama series such as Deniz Celik and also appear in the series which is BizimHikaye. She was seen in series that is telecasted on 18 september 1999 and was born on Istanbul and that is situated in the Turkey and her education that is Osman Yagmurdereli Art Academy and also she is known best as actress and the model. Melisa is seen from the acting from the year 2014 till present. She is appear in the height that is 176 cm. Her height is consist of 5 ft 9 inch.

Overview: Melisa Dongel

She is born on the occupation is of an actress and model. She is known for acting since 2014 and her height is 176 cm. She is known as the cameo role for other title that is ArkaSokaklar and she is appear in the 2016.

Life & Career: Melisa Dongel

She is known to born on the year 18 September 1999. Her education is of the acting career and also appear in the series that is Elif series and that is premiered in 2014 and also appear in the character that is Sevtap and also appear in the TV series and also appear in so many series that is HangimizSevmedik and also she is known for playing the character of Sevtap and she appear in various TV series and appear in the character of Nil appear in the TV series. Dongel is known for appearing in various drama series BizimHikaye and also appear gain acclaim by portraying for the Nil for the TV series and appear in the show ArkaSokaklar. She is seen appeared in the most of the series that is Deniz Celik and in the drama series that is BizimHikaye and also gain the acclaim for portraying the character. Melisa is also known for the series that is BizimHikaye and also appear to portray the character.

She appear in the series that is broadcasted on the serial FOX and also appear in 2020. She appear in the series that is portraying the character CerenBasar. Melisa s then forced to the withdraw from the series and also appear in few episodes that is in the problem for the intestines.

She is revealed that Dongel and also involve in the legal battle which appears against and also the father over the custody of her younger sister.

Melisa Dongel


She is the known for the role as Sevtap and appear in the film such as ArkaSokaklar. In the year Elif as appear as sureyya and the year 2017 to 2018. She is known as the supporting role of the Deniz Celik for the year 2018-19. She appears in the film that is PrestijMeselesi and the year in 2023. She is appearing in the leading role of the year 2023. She appear in various series and filmography.

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