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srikanth addala

Srikanth Addala: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Srikanth Addala is one of the Indian film directors also known to work in Telugu cinema and also work as an assistant director and appeared in several kinds of films and appear as directorial debut for movies in 2008. And also debuted in the film Kotha Bangaru Lokam.

And also gone to write and make their debut in various films Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Cheetu that is released in 2013 and also appear in Mukunda in 2014 and also was seen in Brahmotsavam in 2016 and also appear in Narappa in 2021.

Overview: Srikanth Addala

He has the occupation of director and screenwriter. And present in the film industry since 2004 present.

Acting Career: Srikanth Addala

He mostly began his career in the film industry and work as an assistant director. And also known for working in various films such as Arya in 2004 and he was also associated with the film as a producer. The film was Dil Raju. He was very much impressed with Addala and also give 9000 in advance to come up with a story.

Assistant Director: Srikanth Addala

He worked as an assistant director for the film Bommarillu in 2006 and also worked for 6 months to script for the film Kotha Bangaru Lokam. This film also features Varun Sandesh and Shweta Prasad and was also released in 2008.

This film also receive commercial success and also won several Nandi awards and Filmfare awards in various categories.

Just after 2 years, She began working on various films Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and the heroes of the film are Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu. This film is produced by Raju and then this film was released on 11th Jan 2013 and got positive reviews. Then later films that are directed are Mukunda, and Brahmatsavam which is released in 2016 and then films such as Narappa which be released in 2021.

srikanth addala


The films such as Kotha Bangaru Lokam which was released in 2008 and Varun Sandesh, Shweta Basu, Prakash raj and Jaya Sudha. And also work as a director for the film Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and also starcast Venkatesh, Mahesh babu, Anjali, and Prakash raj. And also directed the films such as Mukunda in 2014 and Brahmotsavam in 2016 and finally directed the film Naarappa in 2020 and then star cast Venkatesh, Karthik Rathnam, Murali Sharma and Rajeev Kanakala. He appeared in various films such as Mukunda, Brahmotsavam and Narappa.

Some of the popular roles he is known as a writer for the film Naarappa in 2021.

As an Actor and Lyrist

And also appear as a lyricist for the films such as Kotha Bangaru Lokam in 2008 for the title role of Kalasaalalo and Brahmatsavam in 2016 as Karthik for the title role of Aata paatalaadu. Srikanth worked with various singers such as Krishna Chaitanya, Aditya , Siddhartha, Kranthi, Aditya and Sasikiran. And known for the album Kotha Bangaru Lokam. And his title role as lyricist Kalasaalalo is very much popular.

Srikanth also appear as an actor for the film Arya and he appeared as an actor in this film in 2004.

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