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Dorothea Williams

Dorothea Williams: Bio, Ideas, Looks, Creative

Animated films have seen great success in the film industry as although they are 3d computer generated graphic films but the storyline with amazing characterization play a crucial role in its success. Not only the main character but some supporting characters play a huge role in the success. One such popular and impactful supporting character is Dorothea Williams from the 2020 animated film ‘Soul’. Let us know more details about her.

CHARACTER ORIGINS: Dorothea Williams

Dorothea Williams is a supporting character from the animated feature film Soul, which was produced by Disney-Pixar. In the next movie of this franchise, she also made a small cameo in the film ‘Onward’. Considering the success of the franchise, this animated film had a small feature show as well and Dorothea made her appearance in ‘Pixar Popcorn’. She was voiced over by Angela Bassett, as she in the film was a leader of the musical band and the protagonist of this film, Joe joins in this band. She plays a crucial role in making Joe a proficient musical artist and helps him in achieving his passionate goal.


Dorothea Williams is a very brave artist and leader of a band. She plays a supporting role in the film ‘Soul’, as she includes the protagonist character Joe Gardner and becomes his mentor to lead him towards his goal of becoming a musical artist. Initially she sees Joe as an incapable person and dislikes him but he proves her wrong at every occasion by giving spectacular performances, which makes her motivated to create the next musical sensation out of him. She is renowned for her talents in the film as an excellent Saxophonist, Jazz artist and is very popular for her works in the film. Seeing the craze, Joe approaches her and Dorothea helps him to find his mojo by inspiring and motivating him to become a successful musical artist.


Dorothea Williams is a middle aged African American woman with curly brown hair. She is seen as fat yet attractive with professional taste in clothing. She is always seen with red lipstick and golden earrings on both ears. Williams is a very professional musical artist hence she doesn’t allow any hiccups during her performances. She always has a grim face therefore Joe hesitates and feels scared to approach her in the beginning. Dorothea looks a little serious, strict but has a very pure heart which she only chooses to show to those who are worthy.


Dorothea is a very professional musical artist and her being a middle aged woman, makes her very mature too. She is very strict with her team selections and training them as well as super serious with her own talents. She finds it very difficult to be approached as she doesn’t like anyone easily but once she gets to know the serious talents in someone, she motivates and becomes a mentor instantly. Williams adores talents and doesn’t like those talented young people to be crushed by anyone. She wants such people to be noticed and sharpen those skills which may be useful to them. She is not at all an introvert person but her picky attitude and careful choice of words with a selected audience, makes her hard to approach as she is seen to be brutally honest about anyone especially in the music taste.

Dorothea Williams


Dorothea has a very good following as the feature animated film was also huge successful. She got many praises, appreciation from all around the world for her ever-helping attitude and her strong bold personality is highlighted by many of the critics as how women should be in the present times. Due to the success of the animated film, the concept was later extended with a sequel movie where she just made a cameo but was cheered for that small appearance. She also made a small appearance in the video game ‘Disney Heroes: Battle mode’, where she was not a playable character but had a significant role in the foreplay of the game.

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