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Payal Dev: Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Net Worth

Payal Dev singer biography: Payal is a well-known Indian playback singer. She is dubbed “Bollywood’s Mastani Young Lady.” She has also appeared in a number of film soundtracks. She had sung songs in a number of films, most recently Bajirao Mastani. However, she received the most praise and recognition for her performance in the film Bajirao Mastani. Ab Toh Jane Na Doongi ‘and’ Albela Sajan are now on the scene. Aayo Re sing Payal became an overnight sensation. Currently, her voice is being checked in by huge vocalists like Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan. She is currently a rising popular Indian artist. Her Sweet Voice is greatly admired by the people.

Payal Dev: Childhood

She was born on February 26, 1989, in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. Her father, Sameer Kumar Banerjee, is a labourer who works in the Sirka Coal mines in Ramgarh. Payal’s mother, Anita Banerjee, is a homemaker as well as a working woman. Her mother was also talented in music and had an interest in it. Payal has received music education from her mother. Her age is 33 years.

Education by Payal Dev

Her education was completed in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Payal was taught about music and singing by her mother, Anita Banerjee. Payal aspired to be a Best Play Back Vocalist as a child.

payal dev
Best of Payal dev

He also received numerous grants in the field of singing while in high school. Payal came to Ranchi for graduate studies after tutoring. She graduated from Women’s College with a degree in music and married Aditya Dev from Ranchi. Aditya is also a member of Intrigued Music. They are both from Mumbai.

Payal Dev: Career

Payal Dev began her career with Mumbai City at the age of 17. She moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream of becoming a playback vocalist. Payal started her commercial career in Mumbai by singing for various music executives for a few branded film jingles, narrative, and corporate songs. She got her to start with a break in the film Grand Masti, which was a smash hit. In 2013, she sang a song in Satya2, a film directed by well-known film producer Crush Gopal Varma.

She sang three melodies in the 2015 film Bajirao Mastani, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She became famous overnight as a result of two amazing songs from Bajirao Mastani.

Details on Physical Appearance and Height

Celebrities’ physical appearance communicates their majesty. Celebrities’ physical condition, stature, weights, and so on set new trends. We’re worried about it. Her height is 5’6″ feet. The approximate weight is 65 kg. The weight fluctuates, so the most recent one was mentioned. Her eyes are dark in colour. In addition, the hair colour is Dark.

Salary and Net Worth

Singing background music in a great film is a very popular skill nowadays, and it pays very well. Vocalists’ pay is primarily determined by their class and, in particular, the popularity of their songs. Payal Dev is worth $0.5 million.

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