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Maria Guardiola

Maria Guardiola: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Father

  • Daughter of celebrity parents
  • Father – Pep Guardiola – ex Spanish football player
  • Mother – Christina Guardiola – Fashionista, Journalist, Write

Maria Guardiola is the celebrity daughter of Pep Guardiola and Cristina Serra Guardiola. She is one of the three children of the celebrity couple. Pep Guardiola is the world famous football star who played formerly for Spain and currently is working as manager for the ‘Manchester City’ football club in the World famous ‘Premier League’. Cristina Guardiola is Spanish fashion writer, Journalist and former artist as well. Let us know more details about Maria in brief.

Early Life And Bio: Maria Guardiola

  • Maria – born in 2000
  • 21 years of age
  • Born & Raised in – Manchester, UK
  • Mixed ethnicity
  • Completion of high school – local in Manchester
  • Social media personality, Brand endorsements
  • Public Figure

Maria Guardiola was born on 30th December, 2000 and is currently 21 years old. She was born and raised in the United Kingdom hence she has fluent English as well as her mother tongue Spanish. Her father is a former famous Spanish Footballer hence, she is Spanish by Nationality. She completed her mid school and high school from a local school in Manchester, England. She is seen very often in the media as she is currently working as Social Media Influencer and media personality as she is very active and promotes many brand endorsements through her Instagram account.

Physical Appearance: Maria Guardiola

  • Maria – beautiful body and sexy figure
  • Brown eyes and Brown hair
  • No cosmetic surgery
  • Fair skin
  • Good fashion sense
  • Attractive looks
  • Charming personality

Maria is the beautiful celebrity star kid and social media influencer with impeccable craze around her as she is the daughter of the legendary Spanish former football player Pep Guardiola. Maria is attractively beautiful with dark brown eyes which matches with her dark brown hair. She has beautiful features with attractive cuts and jawline on face. There is no information regarding her cosmetic surgery as she has been seen with a similar face since her childhood but recently there have been many speculations regarding her lip surgery to which she has denied the rumours. She is always seen with a very good fashion sense and trending costumes which she shared through Instagram and Twitter.

Personal Life: Maria Guardiola

  • Maria – 21 years old
  • Completed high school
  • Lives in UK
  • Happy and luxury lifestyle
  • Daughter of football legend Pep Guardiola
  • Dating with Dele Alli in 2021
  • Both kissing video leaked
  • Video went viral

Maria is currently 21 years old and has completed her high school from a local school in Manchester, England. She has not updated about her future goals as of now as she proclaims that she is happy to be the celebrity daughter of legendary Football player Pep Guardiola and a social media influencer of her own. She is enjoying her life to the fullest and her love life is also quite occupied for now. In the middle of 2021, she was spotted with Dele Alli, another football star in the making, coming out of Restaurant. There was even a video which got viral in 2021, as they both were seen smooching and kissing passionately in the public booth. She has not responded to these rumours and Dele Alli has been spotted with many other girls in the 2022, so there have been a lot of rumours around the current boyfriend of Maria. She is very active on social media hence, there is lot of attention on her and she shares a lot of her daily activities with her ever  so growing followers.

Family: Maria Guardiola

  • Maria – daughter of Pep and Christina Guardiola
  • Father – Pep Guardiola – Ex – Spanish football player, current manager Manchester FC
  • 20 years of dating
  • Deep and long relationship – Pep and Christina Guardiola
  • Three children
  • Moved to Spain
  • No info of home town
  • No relation tensions between Pep and Christina Guardiola

Maria is daughter of former Spanish football legend and current manager of Manchester City F.C Pep Guardiola and Cristina Guardiola, who is Spanish writer, Journalist and fashionista living in Spain. Pep and Cristina have one of the deepest and longest relationship periods among the celebrities in Europe, as more than 20 years of relation and bonding ended up as a beautiful wedding between the cute couple. They were blessed with three children, out of which Maria Guardiola is the eldest with two other, Marius Guardiola and Valentina Guardiola. The family of Guardiola used to live in Manchester, England but recently in the year 2022, they have relocated to Spain in their hometown with Christina Guardiola taking the charge of going to their home in Spain. There is no information of whereabouts of their hometown or their mansion and there is no accurate information of how many people are currently living with Pep Guardiola or Christina Guardiola. There is no  tension between the relations of the couple, but rather it was just change of home for the family as the wife of Pep, wanted to shift in their home country.

Maria Guardiola
Maria Guardiola daughter of Pep

Career: Maria Guardiola

  • No info – future goals
  • Social media influencer
  • Instagram followers – 350k
  • Private account – Instagram
  • Modelling & Brand Endorsements
  • Shares day-to-day activities on social media

There is no information available about the career details and her next future endeavours of Maria Guardiola, as she is happy with her social media influencer title as she has more than 350k followers on Instagram and with her beauty and fashion taste, she can double them within no time. Being the daughter of an ex-Spanish football legend and Spanish Journalist, gives her a pretty luxurious lifestyle, hence she is not rushing into something bigger for now. She is usually roaming around Europe especially in the United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia and other parts of Europe. Maria Guardiola is seen influencing, sharing her daily updates actively on social media hence she is happy with it. She is also a model for many brand endorsements, hence she is also seen with many modelling brand promotions. Although her account is private she accepts the following requests as per the  account she got the request from the followers.

Net Worth

  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Rich celebrity parents
  • Maria net worth – $30 million to $35 million
  • Modelling career combined net worth – $ 40 million
  • No goals for now

Maria has a luxurious lifestyle, thanks to her father Pep Guardiola, former Spanish football player, current manager of Manchester City Football Club and mother Crhristina, famous Journalist and writer in Spanish. She has combined net worth of her parents approxi $30-35 million and with her addition of brand endorsements she gets from her modelling career makes her cross into the $40 million bar. She has no other goals currently but seems like she is heading into the direction of modelling.

Social Media

  • Maria – immense social media following
  • Social media – private account
  • Instagram followers – 350k
  • Beautiful model, attractive features
  • Good fashion sense
  • Great following in the public
  • Daughter of celebrities

Maria has an immense following in social media as she is a model, social media influencer with many brand endorsements and modelling of products are done by her. She has a private account on Instagram but still, she has 350k followers with constant attention on her whenever she is seen outside. Being the celebrity daughter and looking stunningly beautiful, the craze of her seems to be reasonable and people like her fashion sense too, that all makes her instantly top celebrity personalities in Europe.

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