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scooby doo costume

Scooby Doo Costume: Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Life

Scooby-Doo  is a famous American animated cartoon series, this series is consisting of four young adults and their Dog who can talk named Scooby-Doo , they all travel in a van which is neon turquoise in colour , they named it the Mystery Machine . they all together solve crimes related to Paranormal as the detective agency Mystery , Inc.

This series is popular since decades , if you didn’t watch it that’s okay , but you definitely have heard about this cartoon series , the catchy point about this series is definitely talking dog Scooby-Doo .

All the lead of the series who are Scooby -Doo the talking dog, Shaggy Rogers ,Fred Jones , Daphne Blake, and Velma Dinkley , they all are very famous even after 50 years , viewer adore them . If you looking for outfit to wear in costume party then Scooby Doo cast would be good choice , they are widely and their personality individually very unique . they would be prefect choice.

If your whole friend group is going to attend the costume party , then you all together go as Scooby Doo cast . Let’s see what exactly each character of Scooby Doo looks like, which one would be prefect for you .

Characters of Scooby Doo: Scooby Doo Costume

Scooby -Doo , the series which is still popular after decades , there’s question which arrives in our minds ? the series is full of mysteries and adventures which makes it entertaining , it has amazing character like the talking dog Scooby- Doo . If you going to hit costume party with your friends , then going for Scooby Doo attire would be right choice . As his character is super famous and has huge fan following . there’s no reason , to not to be Scooby Doo . GO HIT THE  HALLOWEEN LIKE SCOOBY DOO.

Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rogers: Scooby Doo Costume

Shaggy Rogers one of the popular characters of Scooby -Doo and owner of Scooby-Doo , his character is portrayed as people who is cowardly slacker and rather interested in food then solving mysteries . So, if you can relate to his character and personality then go for Shaggy this Halloween season .

Fred Jones: Scooby Doo Costume

Fred Jones , also called “Freddie”, character in Scooby -Doo , who is portrayed as person who is always curious and take lead in solving mysteries , and pair up with Daphne , often followed by Velma, they all together solve the mysterious crime by finding clues. If you someone who is always curious and can relate with Freddie’s personalities , then go for Fred Jones .

scooby doo costume

Daphne Blake

Daphne Blake , who is enthusiastic, but clumsy by nature and she is danger -prone , that’s why she is known as “Danger -Prone Daphne” , she is the one, who  believes  intuition and that’s one of her specialities, you can be her , if you can relate with her character then go for her outfit and be Daphne this Halloween or any costume party .

Scooby Doo cast is very famous ,bring you gang to party as characters of Scooby doo.

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