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Classy Short French Nails

Classy Short French Nails: Ideas, Looks, Images

Classy Short French Nails: Introduction

A traditional and classic short French manicure is defined by the white polish across the nail’s tip, and it gives a look that is timeless and chic. It creates the sophistication and can be styled in variety of different settings, from formal to casual. It is also seen that there are many modern takes with bright and bold tips. The interesting use of colour, accents, spacing and patterns that will inspire you to get super creative look. One of most favourite shade among all is pastel shade that you can paint each nail with different dreamy lacquer and finish the whole look with red tips to give it a real statement. There are many other fuss-free but fun options like cobalt blue tips: this colour is associated with the calmness and peace (Classy Short French Nails).

Classy Short French Nails: More Info

Classy French nails is simple, beautiful, sophisticated, and versatile design that makes it most convenient to change as per the occasion and mood. Although the famous classy French nail design has earned a lot of reputation for its stand-out white tip over your fingers, you can add different twists to it to take your nail French manicure designs and pattern to the whole next level (Classy Short French Nails).


  • Funky classy French nail: Classy French nail manicure ideas with colour trade the classic symmetrical round tips for a chic way to design your nails with several pops of colour. Paint your short nails on the sides, or the tips, to pair them off with a summer wardrobe.
  • Classic Short French nail:  A classytraditional French nails design is defined by the white nail polish across the nail’s tips, making them look sober, delicate, timeless, and chic in their appeal. You can paint your short nail design with a “squoval” shape in a creamy pale pink base coat contrasted with soft white shade on the tips.
  • Classy Fishnet French nail: A classy fishnet French nail art design replete with edgy stones and floral accents and it gives your nails a more edgy and sophisticated look. Dab some nail paint on a net and place it on the nail to get the crisscross pattern look. Remove the net and after that wait for it to dry before applying the topcoat.
Classy Short French Nails
Class of Classy Short French Nails
  • Classy Touch of Bling: Style up the basic classy French nail art by adding some glitter to your nail tips. You can also experiment with silver or gold-lined designs with sparkle to add classy interest. After putting the nail base coat, apply the glitter nail polish over the white part of your nails. Then gently dab the nail polish brush on the side of the opening to drip off excess liquid and let more sparkle stay on the nail brush to make the tips look more transparent. Apply it with either small vertical or horizontal swipes pattern.
  • Pretty In Pink classy French nail: This Pretty in Pink cute and gentle nail art design starts with a coat of pink nail polish that makes your nails appear pop with colour. You can do the tips with the typical white shade. Design a cute oriental drawing on the ring fingernail to give it a versatile look of softness and calmness.

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