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Princess Nails

Princess Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Princess Nails: Introduction

The princess nails are a category of nail art designs directly or indirectly associated with princesses and fairies, fairy lands etc. the simplest of the nails can also be categorized here since they give a dreamy vibe.

The nails can be painted with nude shades or with clear polish and then on top of it, it can be decorated with glitter and shiny leaves in colours like blue, pink and white.

Nails can also be designed in a very simple and elegant way. The nails are painted with a light colour on the base or only the tip is painted with it. Then the borders can be decorated with stones or studs. These nails give a fairy like vibe to the person wearing it. These nails are like something the princesses would wear themselves and thus can be categorized as princess nails.

The nails can also be embellished with crowns, obviously since it’s princess themed. These nails can depict crowns of different shades and colours like the crowns can simply be crown on the nail or the crowns can begin from the tip and go up. The other nails can be with marble affect or solid coloured base.

Princess Nails: More Info

The nails can also be decorated with some blingy and shiny objects like stars and sparkles. The base can be of some pastel colour or simply a clear base.

The princess nails can be what nails a princess would wear or nails which relate to princesses and the objects they have or use. Unicorns flew right from the fairy tale, so unicorns on nail art are very popular. The nails can be painted with unicorns or crafted out of acrylic. In fact rainbows and glittery clouds are also associated with it.

Princess Nails
Class of Princess Nails

Speaking of nails designed with things related to princesses, the nails are also designed with things like the barbie comb, mirror, castles, crowns and heels. There can be different presents, bows, flowers on nails.

Class Act

The nails can also be painted in shades of pink and purple with stars on it and a few strokes which make them look dreamy. And princess- like.

The princess can literally be drawn on nail. There are so many different fairy tales and each one has a different princess, these princesses can be imprinted on nails. These drawings could be rough outlines or intricate detailed faces.

The nails apart from being designed with different princesses, they can be decorated with a single princess and things directly associated with it. For instance, if the nails are designed for cindrella, the nails can have a pumpkin, a heel, a clock, her famous bun, her bodice and/ or a nail can be painted in  her theme colour – blue. 

The nails can be elegantly embellished with some ornaments which include stones, ribbons etc. the ornaments can be used to enhance an ordinary nail. The stones duly represent the richness and elegance. The nails can be very attractive and eesome. They are perfect example for princess nails.

The nails can also be an amalgation of all that above mentioned designs with colours, glitters and ornaments like stones and pearls.

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