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Sunburn Meme

Sunburn Meme: Jokes, Fun, Youth, Love, Friendship

The sun burn meme is about a set of memes which have pictures of peoples extreme sunburns. Sunburns are actually skin burns which are caused by too much exposure to the sun. repeated such exposures increases the risk of skin cancer, dark spots and other such diseases.

Why do sunburns happen?: Sunburn Meme

When the skin is exposed to the sun, the sunlight damages the skin cells resulting to mutations those can eventually lead to melanoma and even other types of skin cancer. When the ultra- violet rays interact with skin cells to alter the DNA. Sunburns are generally hot red and painful to the person, which are hot when you touch those. Melanin is the dark pigment in the skin which is the pigment which adds colour to our skin. When being exposed sun for long durations, the skin starts to produce melanin faster as a preventive measure. That extra melanin is what people know as the tan. The sun tan is our bodies way of blocking ultra- violet rays to prevent sunburns but the protection too has a saturation point. Too long exposure to the ultra- violet light causes the skin to burn.

The Memes: Sunburn Meme

The sunburn meme has been moderately viral. The origin of the meme is not known specifically but the audience enjoys the humour of that meme. There are so many different memes based on sunburn a few popular ones are-

This meme indicates that the employee had been drinking under the sun that weekend, thus had fun.

Sunburn meme is a satire and concerns with wearing masks under the sun. the covered part of the face remains safe whereas the rest of the skin is tanned.

Sunburn meme shows how a rider or a bikers head might get tanned under the sun while cycling or skating.

This meme is an innuendo that the employee took a leave maybe a sick leave to go for fishing but then gets a sunburn and now has to explain why did he get it, because his boss would figure the truth out.

Sunburn Meme

Importance of these memes

The introduction of meme has not only helped people to lighten their moods but also has made conversations much more easier whether it was starting a new conversation or continuing an old one. Not only starting conversations but in various social groups even when there is no ‘real’ conversation going on , the groups stay active only with exchange of memes and different posts, these maybe informative or simply hilarious.

In the current period, it is very important for everyone to factor in the problems and situations people face now-a-days . Increasing inflation and other societal pressures has been responsible to create an atmosphere of stress. The meme are pictures conveying a joke or a limerick. Since they are funny, they help people cope up with stress, anxiety and other such burdening feelings. Memes are basically stress relievers. They also help in boosting self confidence and feel more lively. The engagement with meme leads to hilarious discussions amongst the groups and hence helps in creation of life-long beautiful and cherished memories.

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