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Frog Pokemon

Frog Pokemon: Ideas, Bio, Class, Character

The frog pokemon also known as – froakie is known as Keramatsu in Japanese and acts a water type pokemon fighter. It is first introduced in the 6th generation.

ABOUT: Frog Pokemon

Froakie is the 7th pokemon in the Kalos Central Pokedex. It is also otherwise called as The Bubble frog pokemon. The interesting part is that Froakie uses the torrent skill, which can increase the power of it’s water style attacks up to 50%. It’s special ability is protean which allows him to transform into the pure type pokemon of the same type of movie it is going to inflict. He has yet to make a debut appearance in both the film or manga. He has not been introduced yet. He has appeared a few times in the anime as the Froakie egg or Goh’s froakie. His height is 0.3m and his weight is approximately 7 kgs. If we talk about it’s Gender ratio then he is about 87% male and 12% of female.

ORIGIN: Frog Pokemon

To be more precise he is not just based on a simple frog, he is based on a tree frog actually. The froth like skin is called the frog foam nest which protects his neck like a scarf. It is called nest because nest are often used to protect the eggs. Froakie actually evolves into the Frogadier when it reaches level 16 and later on when it reaches level 36, it transforms into Greninja.

Etymology : The origin comes from the name Frog or it can come from froth or croaky.

Frog Pokemon

DIAGNOSIS: Frog Pokemon

This pokemon is an amphibious type which belongs to the family of frogs and also kind of looks like frogs. It’s color is blue or cyan, and this cyan color covers most of his body. It also has froth like white colored bubbles located on it’s neck. The frontal feet is white in color and has a dark blue line that goes up to his face. The color of it’s eyes are bright yellowish and they a pretty large. Two frubbles are there on it’s nose. As it belongs to the family of frogs, it’s back legs are long and strong. Because they are made for jumping to higher and longer distances.


This is a water type pokemon so it has to be light, if it’s to heavy it will sink in water and will be slow to move. But light does not mean that it is not strong. It’s light and strong nature give it the power of jumping incredibly high. The frubbles and white froth like skin on it’s neck protects it’s neck from lethal attacks. His appearance may look like he is not paying attention but the hidden truth is that it is always monitoring it’s surroundings in order to quickly react to attacks.


Froakie is on the same level as the pokemon Rowet as the shortest unevolved starter pokemon. Both of them are exactly 1 foot tall.

Froakie is the second starter pokemon to be based on a frog in the series.

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