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When you hear buckwheat, what comes to mind?

A meal or a seamless journey to dreamland?

You’ll most probably go for the first answer if you’re familiar with buckwheat flour. However, the first thing to learn is that there is such a thing as a buckwheat pillow. The buckwheat pillow originated from Orient Nations, where it is called Sabokawa. Unlike the typical pillow filled with feathers or cotton, the buckwheat pillow is filled with the hills from buckwheat fruits.

The buckwheat pillow is famous for its stability and firm support. It’s not the kind of pillow to collapse in use. It holds the neck up firmly yet tenderly. The buckwheat pillow can easily pull off this stunt because it forms according to the position of the head. This means it is soft enough and firm enough, all at once. Users have claimed that the buckwheat pillow benefits them by making neck pain disappear without treatment. Testimonies like this spread their fame in the hospitality industry.

Noteworthy highlights for pillow shopping

While buckwheat pillows are generally fantastic, they differ in quality and specifics. This is why you have to take certain factors into cognizance before buying a buckwheat pillow. Some of them are;

  • The Loft and its adjustibility: Human beings are inherently unique and different from one another. Sometimes our differences reflect in the way we sleep since our sleeping postures are not the same. For example, people who sleep on their sides need pillows with higher lofts. However, people who sleep on their backs will not need pillows that are as high as that of side-sleepers. People who sleep on their stomachs often need pillows with the lowest lofts. Therefore, you need a buckwheat pillow whose lift can adjust to fit anyone, regardless of their sleeping postures.

Usually, Buckwheat pillows mostly come with zippers. This enables you to open the pillow and reduce the huffs till you get the perfect lift for your sleeping posture.

  • Shape and size: While shopping for your pillow, you have to pick the right size to suit the size of your body. You may also consider the size of your furniture as well as your sleeping posture.
  • Weight: the size of a pillow largely determine its weight. Therefore, if you’re don’t fancy heavy pillows, steer clear of big pillows. Buckwheat pillows may also come as rectangles or cylinders. While the cylinders suit restless sleepers, long travels or side-sleepers, rectangular pillows work perfectly for back and stomach sleepers.

Other things to look out for are price, warranty, reviews, and materials for filling and covering the pillow.

Why the Buckwheat way?

A buckwheat pillow benefits any and every person in numerous ways.  Several users have attested to these benefits. Here are some benefits of a buckwheat pillow.

  • Its compact design provides firm support to the neck.
  • It is flexible enough to suit several sleeping postures.
  • Because of the texture of the buckwheat hull, the pillow slows for adequate ventilation and cooling.
  • The buckwheat pillow is quite durable.
  • With an excellent outer layer and well-processed hull, the buckwheat pillow is mostly allergy and bug-free.

They come at affordable prices and offer good value for their price.

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