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Is Your House Making You Sick?

Everyone dreams of enjoying a vibrant and clean living environment at the house. However, there are things which can never be done away with. A good example is dust, which can cause more harm to your family’s health.  There are times when your house is making you sick but you do not know what might be the causes. 

In case you are living in Bayfield Conway SC and want to know what might be the causes of your house making you sick, you have come at the right place.

Here are some of the reasons why your house might be making you sick

High Levels of Humidity

Homes with high humidity levels are known to be breeding grounds for mold. When the levels of humidity are high, there is a possibility of the drywall being affected. This will create an environment where molds easily move behind the walls.

There are molds that cause health issues right from the nervous system to the chronic sinusitis.  High humidity levels will also be a cause of dust mites that are known to cause stomach issues, allergic reactions and sleep disorders.

High Dust Levels

Apart from dust being a nuisance, it is a cause of irritating dust mites that can easily cause disruption on eyes and nasal passages. According to past research studies, dust mites are known to put lots of stress on human immune system making it weak after some time. Dust is also capable of attracting dirt particles containing herbicides and pesticides from outside which can be toxic to the nervous system of human beings.

Intrusion of Moisture

Intrusion of moisture refers to water getting into your house either from outside or within.  Water from outside is known to cause damage in the roof ceiling and in the walls. Even when in small amounts, it can cause molds which can lead to health issues.  There are also possibilities of water coming indoors from plumbing leaks.  Leakages from water pipes can lead to growth of molds in the house.

There are times when we can experience water damage at home.  Any form of water damage regardless of if it is from the basement or leaky window can greatly affect your health.  It is advisable that you clean up any water damage or fix leakage immediately you spot it.

Carbon Monoxide

Most homeowners find it difficult to identify Carbon Monoxide since it is odorless and colorless.  Exposure to carbon monoxide gas can lead to a wide range of flu like symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and headache.

Some of the common items that can cause carbon monoxide leakage are generators, furnaces, gas fire places and appliances.  It is highly recommended that homeowners check their appliances on a frequent basis to help detect if there is any carbon monoxide leakage.

We spend most of our times in our houses. It is very important that we ensure our health is catered for by ensuring the house does not cause any form of sickness to us. 

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