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What Makes IPL Interesting & Unique?

The test matches are faster than what in the world of cricket? There’s only one answer, T20s! What makes this tournament faster than others? IPL 2021 is the answer! There will be much faster matches this year than usual in the 14th Indian Premier League. Some key changes have been made to the IPL 2021 rules for this reason. In other words, what is the rule and how will it affect the game’s speed? Before the opening match of the IPL 2021, scheduled for April 9, watch this explainer. Now, you can even watch IPL live score on internet and yesterday match results too.

New Time Limit:

A team is allowed 90 minutes each to complete its 20 overs in this IPL. IPL matches are scheduled to conclude within 90 minutes during each inning. For a team, this 90-minute rule also includes two 5-minute strategic timeouts. IPL guidelines state that there can be no break longer than 20 minutes between innings.

Minimum over rule:

The bowling pace during a match is 14.11 overs per hour. If you do not comply with the slow over rate fine, you will be fined heavily. An offending side’s captain can be fined Rs 12 lakh for the first offense if the team is found to have slow over rate. For the 2nd occurrence, the skipper faces a fine of Rs 24 lakh. In the case of a third or fourth offense, the captain could be fined Rs 30 lakh. In the event the captain continues to commit such offenses, he could be penalized with expulsion.

This IPL, there won’t be any soft signal:

Have you read the commentary during India vs England game during the ‘SKY’ controversy? A soft signal on the field was upheld by the Third Umpire, resulting in Surya Kumar Yadav’s catch. The legendary test cricketer VVS Laxman has also spoken out in anger, saying that this ‘soft signal’ rule should be revisited. On-field umpires won’t give any soft signals during this IPL season. Third Umpires will be responsible for deciding doubtful catches, bump balls, and field obstructions committed by the batsman during a match.

Super Overs Restricted:

In the upcoming IPL 2021, the organisers will restrict Super Overs. Teams would have one hour to finish the game in the event of the Super Over. For this reason, the new IPL rules state that both teams share the points of a match if the outcome of a match cannot be determined after an hour of Super Overs.

This is the thirteenth season of the IPL tournament. The Mumbai Indians team won the inaugural season of the IPL in India. Because of the pandemic, the United Arab Emirates will host the games in 2020. For more updates, visit:

These games are best enjoyed in the afternoons and evenings. You can easily watch IPL live score on TV and internet.

If you are not able to watch the live match then you can watch IPL live score online.

By using the IPL Live Score App, you will be able to watch complete match information and live score updates in every minute. With these apps it is very comfortable to view the IPL live score.

Simple Way To Watch IPL Live Score:

You will be easily directed to the IPL live score if you search out the result of any match.” You can see millions of results for the term today IPL live score.

Apps that allow you to watch IPL live scores include:

1. Cricbuzz

2. IPL main website

Know Yesterday Match Results Easily

To be a true fan of cricket, you need to keep every result of every match at your fingertips. Usually, it happens when there is a power outage or when we go to sleep. For the IPL match, there will not be a live score. Your panic grows and you make everyone aware of yesterday match results the next morning. From now on, you won’t have to ask anybody about the yesterday match results. The following places have the yesterday match results.

You can visit to find out the results of yesterday match results:

Open your browser and search  “yesterday match results”. Match results can be found in many places. Some news channels have different websites than sports channels.

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