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How to Avoid Shapewear Lines

Gone are the days of sliding into your skinny jeans and feeling like you own the world. Shapewear has been quite a popular trend for quite some time, and it is nothing but a great idea to integrate these undergarments into your life.

What you should know though, is how to avoid those annoying shapewear lines that can ruin any outfit. There are some tips and tricks that you need to know when it comes to wearing them.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid shapewear lines.

1. Look in the Mirror Before You Put Them On. Bring your clothing with you when shopping, so you can try them on before purchasing them or trying them on in stores. Make sure the garments fit properly before buying them at the store because too tight of clothing can show exactly where the waist trainer is located, causing those unwanted lines. If they are too loose in size, then the garment will be riding up on your legs.

2. Use the Right Lingerie Option.

Undergarments and shapewear come in a number of different fabric types, including spandex. If you happen to wear a garment with a liner, then it will obviously be more comfortable to wear than one without any sort of lining. If you are going to be wearing the shaper underneath clothing that is skin-tight and thin, like some synthetic fabrics, then it is the best time to wear a  waist trainer with a more comfortable garment made of a microfiber or cotton fabric.

3. Clean Your Shapewear On A Regular Basis. Stains can show through your clothing or completely ruin the way your shapewear fits. Be sure to launder them on a regular basis though, because products like these are typically machine washable and/or dryer safe.

4. Buy The Right Size.

It is important that you get your proper waist size, instead of sizing up to accommodate for the shapewear’s fit. Pay attention when you are trying them on, because it can be a little difficult to discover whether or not your size is correct the first time that you try one on. If your shapewear is too tight on you, then it will create lines under your clothing and cause discomfort.

5. Size Down if You Need To.

When you try out shapewear for the first time, you might be astonished at how much smaller your waist will feel. If this seems to be too problematic for you and you are unable to wear it under your clothes, then it is best that you size down.

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6. Establish a Comfort Level.

You might need to try out a variety of different brands and sizes before determining exactly which ones work best for your body shape and size. If you have a difficult time buying shapewear from the store, then you should consider being fitted.

In conclusion, there isn’t much to lose when it comes to shapewear. If you are a regular user then you should have no problems in adopting the shapewear into your daily life.

If you just want to wear it for special occasions, then it is important that you use the above tips because even a little bit of waist training can make a noticeable difference in your look. Check out Curvy and Cute for the best quality shapewear

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