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PayManager: Login, Password Reset and IFMS Circular

The Paymanager is a beneficial portal that is created by the Rajasthan government to create the pay bills of employees who are working is Panchayati Raj. Though, if you are also searching about such kinds of portals then we have covered you. In this article we will have a comprehensive discussion of Pri Paymanager portal and cover an insight about it. 

What is Paymanager?

Paymanager is a portal that is launched by the Rajasthan government as a part of the Rajasthan scheme especially for the Panchayati Raj employees. The platform is an ultimate source for these employees as it helps them to prepare their salary bills, calculator bonuses, and DA. The portal is time efficient as it allows you to do the other task in the remaining time.

Paymanager’s App Overview

Name of the PortalPayManager
Started byRajasthan Government
Name of the departmentFinance department
Benefit toAll government employees of Rajasthan 
CategoryGovernment scheme

Paymanager’s Impotant Links:-

Pay Manager PRI
Pay Manager
Password Reset Request Form
Bank Registration
IFMS Circular

Paymanager Login For Portal

Here are the steps written below to follow the login process of Pri Paymanager’s portal: 

  1. First, go to, the official website.
  2. Following this, the login window on the right will display four options:
    • Employee
    • Department
    • Sub DDO
    • D.D.O.
  3. You may choose the form you wish to log in to by using the radio option.
  4. You then input your password and username.
  5. Next, click “Login” after entering the captcha provided below.
  6. The moment you click, you’ll be logged in.
Paymanager Login For Portal

Steps to download the Paymanager’s Salary bill (Salary slip)

After login yourself into the portal, you have to follow few steps to download your pay stub that are written below: 

  • After the completion of login, access “Employee Corner,” by clicking on it.
  • Following that, a list of alternatives will be presented to you; you must select the “Employee Report” option, which is located at the bottom of the list.
  • Following that, a tiny list of alternatives will display in front of you; select “Payslip.”
  • Following it, a tiny screen will show in front of you, requiring you to select the month, year, etc. before pointing to “Submit.”
  • Your pay sub will show up in front of you as soon as you click, and you can instantly download and print it.
  • Once you have completed all these steps, you can get your Paymanager salary bill (Slip).

Steps to Register a Bank with Paymanager DDO Rajasthan Gov In

To register your bank with Pay Manager you should follow some steps that are written below: 

  1. Visit on the official portal of the paymanager DDO.
  2. On the portal you will see a bank registration option just below the login button.
  3. When you click on the bank registration link, you will be asked to fill the required credential in the registration form. 
  4. After completing the following steps you can click on the verify contact option and complete your pay manager bank registration process. 

Steps to reset the Paymanger password

  1. When you visit the portal you will see an option of forgot password below the login button. 
  2. When  you click on that option you will get two different choices on that page, that are password reset and mobile change request.
  3. Select the option you want to proceed with and click on the radio button.
  4. Fill the required details like your employee id, bank account number, and date of birth.
  5. After that you can tap on submit details and reset your password. 

How can I register for Pay Manager HOD?

  1. Visit the this platform official website.
  2. When you first arrive, if you pay close attention to the right side, you should see the “HOD Registration” link; click on it.
  3. Following this, a page will appear in front of you, and you must fill it out with the following information:
  4. Choose a Department
  5. IFMS Password IFMS User Name
  6. Either Employee ID or Nicuid radio buttons must be clicked.
  7. Pay Manager Name, Email, Mobile Number, EmployeeID/NICUID
  8. IFMS Email Address IFMS Phone Number
  9. Following this, there will be two check boxes below where you can either check the DSC certificate or enter the OTP to complete the HOD registration process.

Paymanger’s Benefits of the portal

  1. Salary and allowance information is widely accessible.
  2. It is possible to get all of this information online.
  3. These are all paperless processes.
  4. Before, it was difficult to obtain precise information regarding the amount of tax withheld and the amount of allowance granted; however, these details are now readily available.
  5. The Pay Manager portal offers several services, including bank registration and HOD registration, to all state employees in Rajasthan.
  6. The salary slip is printable as well.
  7. The GA 55 can be downloaded and printed by any state employee.

FAQs for Paymanger

Q. What is Paymanager?

Ans: This is a portal launched by the Rajasthan government where employees can check their salary bill and pay stub with an online method.

Q. Can we download the salary slip through this portal?

Ans: Yes, employees can download their salary slip according to their months.

Q. Is it applicable for other normal living people?

Ans: No, the portal is accessible for only the Panchayati Raj employees.

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