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Halku Kis Kahani Ka Patra Hai

Halku Kis Kahani Ka Patra Hai: Know In Detail

Halku comes from which story? Hello and welcome guys to yet another blog that we are about to talk and share. Today, our topic is about Halku Kis Kahani Ka Patra Hai, it means from which story Halku hails from. In this post, we would cover them all in detail.

हल्कू किस कहानी का पात्र है? (Halku kis kahani ka Patra hai)

  • Munshi Premchand is a renowned writer of India and he is the one who created the story ‘Pus Ki Raat’ and from here, the birth of takes place. In 1921 AD, the story was written by Munshi.
  • Pus Ki Raat is a story that talks about farmers in the village. Here Premchand did touch upon Indian rural life from well all can learn a lot.
  • Halku lives the village where farming is the biggest source of money. It helps him to pay the debts and make the living of the family better. Hence, when people say Halku Kis Kahani Ka Patra Hai, it means it comes from Munshi Premchand’s mega writing world.
  • The story did show the bond between Halku and his dog, who helps him all the way. But once Nilgaas did destroy the crops of Halku and it created moment of panic.

Summary of the story Poos Ki Raat?

Poos Ki Raat is one of the most famous write-ups of Munshi Premchand. It did touch upon how Indian farmers even die to feed all and for this, they take so much of pressure where there are indeed different problems coming in every single season. And the story did touch upon many of them.

  • The leading role of the story did have Halku. He lived in a small village in Northern part of India. He lived with his wife and dog. They had a small farm and that was the only way for them to earn money.
  • In order to take care of crops, he was living with his dog at the farm only. During the month of winter, he was sleeping with just a blanket with his dog alone.
  • Hence, it was very cold once and it did make him burn the fire to get the heat. It did keep even his dog body warm. And as the atmosphere became better, he did go to sleep.
  • But at the same time, many Nilgaas came into the filed. And it saw the disrcution of his crops. Even his dog Jabra did try to bake him with constant barking,  Halku did not wake up. He did feel that his dog would protect his crops and this was the mistake.
  • In the morning, the wife of  Halku walks him up and tells the whole crop was destroyed at the night. And now they did decide to work a labour, so it can help them to live at least.
  • It made Halku smile and say that there is no need to sleep outside during cold now.
  • Munshi Premchand wanted to tell from this story that it is not easy to be a farmer in India.

Final Words

Halku Kis Kahani Ka Patra Hai is now clear to us. And it is also clear that how much farmers work hard to feed mega population of India and people in other nations. But even now, they do not get the ample support from the lawmakers. And this story back then was prominent and it is now. This shows that India as a nation has to work more to make sure that farmers can get the basic stable life, so they can live a decent life.

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