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Una Brands Pays USD 40 Million To Roll Up Several E-Commerce Platforms In Asia

Una Brands have done a major job with getting many E-Commerce Platforms In Asia to become a member of their plans. As in Asia, the market is still very different than what it is in the United States of America, there is a space for still becoming the major name in the region and over shadow other players. This doe show the impact and plan Una Brands wanted to make for showing the fact that there is a classical way to make an impact. This does tell a lot about the vision of UNA brands and how they want to make an impact. Una Asiapacific 40mshutechcrunch.

Thrasio, Berlin Brands Group and Branded Group there to consolidating those who do sell in Amazon Marketplace. Despite Amazon being a great name, Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, Rakuten or eBay do have their impact in many different ways. Hence, it is crucial for Una Brands to follow different plans for different nations. Like in India, Amazon is the biggest platform. However, the local platform named Flipkart is also very famous. As it does have a huge marketspace, one can feel the fact that Amazon would have made more had Flipkart was not there. And for fashion, Myntra, which is a product of Flipkart, does lead things forward. Brands Asiapacific 40mshutechcrunch.

Una did also raise $40 million equity and debt round. This investment did came from 500 Startups, Kingsway Capital, 468 Capital, Presight Capital, Global Founders Capital and Maximilian Bitner. However, they did not tell how they managed the ratio of this transaction. Tobias Heusch, Kiren Tanna and Kushal Patel, who are the co-founders of the Una, feels that it is crucial to make an impact now as it can make them go far ahead in future and create a massive impact. This does show the impact they do want to make around the world. Una Brands 40mshutechcrunch.

“Every single seller in Asia is looking at multiple platforms and not just Amazon,” said Tanna.
He even added: “We saw a big gap in the market where e-commerce is growing very quickly, but players in the West are not able to look at every platform, so that is why we decided to focus on APAC, launch the business there and acquire sellers who are selling on multiple platforms.” Una 40mshutechcrunch.

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Despite Amazon being a huge marketplace, there is still a room to shine many nations in as they are growing in a creative manner. It is also good to have more than one brand as it does make things better for everyone. The competition does bring new ideas and create a mega impact. Hence, it is crucial to keep things go in a creative manner. One such example of this is Ola and Uber better in India. As there are more than two brands, it does make things better. With the arrival of InDriver, things have become even better. This does show the fact how many good players do make an impact in a nation for good. Asiapacific 40mshutechcrunch.


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