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5 Bathroom Essentials Needed To Renovate A Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is not an easy task. However, renovations improve the comfort and functionality of the room, and a renovated bathroom increases the house’s value. Stores have various bathroom supplies, and homeowners can choose according to their preferences. A big budget is not needed to renovate a bathroom. People can create a gorgeous bathroom on a budget if they know to choose the right accessories and understand the colour secrets. With some effort, even a small bathroom can look bright and spacious. Changing the bathtub, basin, faucet, and taps can create an entirely different look. Choosing suitable mirrors and cabinets enhances the beauty of the place.


A bathtub is the focal point of a bathroom. Changing a bathtub will bring a fresh and new look to the bathroom. The size, shape and style of the bathtub must suit the bathroom. Bathtubs are available in various materials like porcelain, resin, acrylic and stone. Free-standing bathtubs make a design statement and add a feeling of luxury. Today many manufacturers make petite bathtubs that can fit inside the most compact bathrooms.


A good basin makes a bathroom look stylish. The basin’s size, shape and material must be considered before choosing the right one for a bathroom. There are various styles of basins like wall basins, inset basins, above-the-counter basins, and vanity basins. Wall basins save space and offer a minimalist look, and above-the-counter sinks are the easiest to install. Basins come in various colours like black, white, green and pink. Coloured basins make a statement in the bathroom.


People choose toilets after considering the style, comfort and water efficiency. Back to the wall, wall faced, wall hung and close coupled toilets are the various styles of toilets. Wall-hung toilets have space beneath them and look modern. Wall-faced toilets are stunning and have fewer curves and holes where dirt can accumulate. Water-efficient toilets reduce water usage and help families to save money. Toilets come in white, black, grey, blue and ivory white. The colour of the toilet must complement the other fixtures in the bathroom.


Beautiful taps make the bathroom stand apart. Stores have classic, traditional and modern tapware to suit people’s tastes. Classic bathroom taps fit with any style of bathroom. They come in various finishes like nickel, chrome, gold and pewter. Floor-mounted taps and wall-mounted taps are contemporary styles. Pillar taps and mixer taps enable people to regulate the temperature of the water. Shower taps function as showers or are used to fill bathtubs. However, they are not used for basins.

Wall cabinets

Cabinets are essential in a bathroom for storage. They also provide an opportunity to showcase some style and keep the bathroom decluttered. Wall-mounted units are eye-catching because they are fixed directly on the wall, and the considerable gap between the unit and the floor creates an illusion of extra space. Traditional cabinets are free-standing units or placed anywhere along the wall. They are wood or glass and come in various textures and colours.

Choosing the right shower curtains, towels, bath mats, mirrors, and soap dispensers enhances the bathroom’s appearance. A wide range of bathroom supplies is available in the stores. They come in all price ranges, and homeowners can pick them to suit their budget. Renovating the bathroom makes it look good and is an excellent investment for the home. Dark and cluttered bathrooms can become bright and cheery after the renovation.