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How to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring While Still Looking Stylish

It’s that wonderful time of year when it’s time to say goodbye to the cold of winter and embrace the change of season. But for many people, this can cause some wardrobe stress as they try to figure out how to transition to what is often fluctuating temperatures and wet weather while trying to look stylish. So, here’s a look at some basic tips and advice on how you can update your wardrobe for spring while looking trendy and feeling comfortable.

You Need a Multi-Functional Jacket that Makes a Statement

Your jacket will be called on for a variety of weather at this time of year, as it can still be a bit chilly in the early mornings and late evenings, especially at the start of spring. But with that said, there is no need for the winter bulk; instead, look for something more streamlined and lightweight. The most important feature to look for in a spring jacket is that it should be waterproof or at least water-resistant.

Basic black always works, but it doesn’t scream “spring”, as a pop of colour would. Colour will add life to your face and your outfit, even on a grey day. Check out these UK plus-size jackets to get an idea of what’s trending right now. Something that sits below the bottom can be extremely flattering on a variety of body types and give you a bit more versatility.

Layering Your Clothing Will Ensure You’re Ready for Anything

Layering your clothing isn’t just a fashion statement; it helps to ensure you’ll be comfortable no matter the weather. A few essential layering pieces to add to your wardrobe include a lightweight button-down cardigan, the season’s must-have oversized blazer, and another trending piece – a fitted denim jacket which can be worn under your spring jacket.

If you’re purchasing new layering pieces, this is a great time to look for items in trending colours. Hot for spring 2023 are violet, orange, crisp white, lime green, hot pink, orange and red. As you can see, this year, it’s all about bright, vibrant colours.

Ankle Boots are the Ideal Transition Piece

There’s a reason that ankle boots and booties seem to trend each spring and that’s because they look great and yet they are ultra-practical during the transitional period. They don’t feel heavy like winter boots, yet they still offer more protection than cute sandals or slip-on flats. Ankle boots also look fabulous paired with just about everything including denim, long or short skirts/dresses, dress pants and even a romper. You’ve got lots of wiggle room to be creative when it comes to how you style them.

Some of the trending ankle boot styles for spring 2023 include platform, boots with buckles and other embellishments, suede, lace-up, kitten heel and even “bling” in the form of rhinestones and crystals.

These fashion tips will help you to make a seamless transition from your winter to spring wardrobe all while looking stylish. It’s about blending comfort with fashion.