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Chalchitra Ke Lekhak Kaun Hai

Chalchitra Ke Lekhak Kaun Hai: A Complete Guide

Chalchitra ke lekhak kaun hai or Who is the writer of Chalchitra? These are common terms that are used in India. Like Chalchitra means movies in English. It is a word that comes from Hindi language and is driven from Sanskrit, which is the mother of most languages of present era. There have been many writers of Chalchitra and all of they have made the movies of India that much better. Like Bollywood is famous in the world and a mjor credit behind it goes to writers who come with best of stories.

Chalchitra ke lekhak kaun hai: Some of the best writers

Here are some of the best writers and they are the (Chalchitra ke lekhak kaun hai) writers of great movies.

  • Salim-Javed: Salim-Javed is the duo that gave India many movies to live in 1900s. They were the writers of 1900s. Before parting ways, they did write so many movies and made many heroes superstars. Sholey, Deewaar and Don are three of known films they wrote.
  • Gulzar: Asa solo writer, Gulzar is the most respected writer in India. He was a mega peot, but did write and direct movies. Mausam, Aandhi and Ijaazat are three of his signtures movies as a writer.
  • Anurag Kashyap: Well, Anurag Kashyap is the modern writer who has made some of best Bollywood films. He is a com of writing and directing. Gangs of Wasseypur, Dev.D, and Black Friday picture some of his best work.
  • Vishal Bhardwaj: He is a famous Indian film director and screenwriter. Vishal is known for writing movies like Omkara, Haider and Maqbool.

Chalchitra ke lekhak kaun hai: One of the best in Kabir

Kabir is one of the most known and talked about poet and writer in India. From his devotion towards God to exceptional writing skills, Kabir is the one that Indians feel proud to associate with.

His impact started in the 15-century. Some of his poems are still relevant today and many schools do like to talk about his life and poem. He did talk about love to God, know what is the purpose of human and other deep things that can elevate a person. He did talk about leaving material desire and love God from the core. Not just that, Kabir did talk a lot of social equality. And hence, he is one of the most respected writer in India from overall angles. He defines Chalchitra ke lekhak kaun hai at best.

Final Words

India, as a land, is filled by so many good writers who have done a massive job from awaking people to fight for freedom or love the God. Some were very good in telling about social justice, while others worked on to make movies better. There are different writers in India who have changed the world. A. C. Such Chalchitra Ke Lekhak Kaun Hai, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and his books are also famous in the modern era where he did tell that one should love God to the core as he is our true eternal soulmate. This is why India is blessed with so many good writers.

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