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Commercial Property Maintenance: 5 Top Tips

Owning a commercial property comes with a responsibility to ensure the safety of tenants and any visitors. However, the mandate goes much deeper than health and safety; you’ll also need to take care of the overall appearance. Keeping on top of all maintenance tasks will help you turn a higher profit and remain compliant with local laws and regulations. Below, you will find five top tips for commercial property maintenance. 

Fixing Fixtures

Your commercial property will have countless fixtures that must be in good working order to avoid accidents. For example, if you have exposed electrical wires at a light switch, ignoring the issue may lead to electrocution. 

To help you keep on top of fixing fixtures, it’s a good idea to stock up on common parts, which will help you complete the task quickly and keep tenants happy. A great way to do this is by using a wholesaler like, which specialises in electrical parts. 

Regular Safety Audit

Safety throughout your property must be a top priority when it comes to maintenance tasks. Therefore, you should carry out monthly checks to ensure that all emergency equipment is in good working order. This typically includes fire extinguishers, emergency signage, emergency doors, fire detectors, and any other safety equipment. 

While you’re auditing this equipment, you must make a record that includes notes of any damage and what actions you’re taking to rectify it. After you’ve completed any repairs, go back to the order and sign off the issues as fixed. 

Manage Pest Control Efforts

The last thing you want as a commercial property owner is a pest infestation, which would cost you thousands in extermination costs and will likely mean your tenants need to vacate for a while. To avoid this issue, make sure you have appropriate pest control measures in place and hire a professional to carry out a regular assessment. 

If your tenant is a business, part of the pest control efforts will likely fall on their shoulders. For example, keeping the building clean and tidy should be part of any tenant’s responsibilities. However, it pays to double-check that these requirements are being met. 

Remove Any Fire Hazards

Having a fire devastate your property will be 100x worse than a pest infestation, so make sure that all fire hazards are eliminated. To do this, you will need to sweep through the building and carry out a hazard risk assessment, and then take action on any issues you found. For example, if any exits are blocked or damaged, you’ll need to rectify this and put measures in place to avoid the issue in the future. 

Utilities and Facilities Come First

When it comes to carrying out repairs, utilities and facilities must come first including public bathrooms, escalators, elevators, staff rooms, and air conditioning systems. During your monthly check, make sure you observe these areas.  

Commercial property maintenance is essential for keeping tenants happy and remaining compliant. If you’re concerned about the cost, remember that prevention is always cheaper than the cure.