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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Rings That You Won’t Grow Tired Of

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, then you know just how important each detail of the day is, but one detail needs special attention as it’s one you’ll be enjoying for decades to come. Your wedding ring isn’t just a piece of jewellery, it’s meant to be a symbol of your love so it needs to reflect your personality. At the same time, you’re going to be wearing it daily so you need to love it. 

Here are some tips you can use that will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed as you search for the perfect wedding rings that you won’t grow tired of.

Style Should Be Combined with Strength and Durability

Because your wedding ring is something you’ll wear for decades, there needs to be a mixture of style, strength and durability. Everyday wear and tear can do a number on a ring that isn’t well made or good quality. You also don’t want to worry about removing it out of fear of damaging it and it should be easy to care for and clean.

Do They Need to Match Each Other?

Another consideration is how traditional you want to be with the look of the rings. Do they need to match each other or do you like the more modern concept where each person picks a ring they like without their need to be a set? This can make picking out rings a little easier since you don’t need to worry about what your significant other likes.

How Does It Look with the Wedding Band

Speaking of matching, one thing the wedding ring needs to match is the engagement ring. Make sure you try the two on together before deciding, as not all styles will look good together.

Do You Want Gemstones in the Wedding Ring?

How simple and sleek do you want your wedding rings? Do you want any gemstones to be set in them such as diamonds? This will make the ring more eye-catching but it also makes it more expensive. 

Step Outside the Box and Try a Different Material

The typical wedding ring is made of yellow, white, rose gold, or even platinum but that isn’t your only option. They have a traditional feel to them that may not be who you are. Instead, the two of you may want to look at more modern options like titanium, carbon fibre, or steel. Rings made from any of these materials have a more modern, casual, and unique look to them. 

Textured steel that has a brushed look to it and combining black carbon fibre with titanium are options a bespoke jewellers Hertfordshire is well versed in. You can also play around with the thickness of the band, the finish, and more.

What’s great about these more unusual materials is that they won’t go out of style, and they will be the kind of piece you’ll enjoy wearing and looking at throughout the years.

Wedding Ring Shopping Should Be Fun and Memorable

Shopping for your wedding rings shouldn’t be a source of stress. This is a time for celebration. Keeping it light and fun will ensure it is memorable and using these tips will help you narrow down your options without issue.