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6 unusual practices of men in 40s that hamper their health

Talking with a doctor or any health expert will make you realize that men’s health is one of the most talked-about topics. Had the coronavirus not been a major pandemic a men’s health pandemic surely would have emerged. This is not just an assumption but the figures and various researches across the institutions prove it. Men are the major patients of heart disorders, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, and several chronic disorders. This does not mean that only men are patients of these disorders and no women. It only tells us about the comparison between the majority population of each to get a sense of reality.

But why is that? Why are men becoming more depressed than women? Why are men among the majority of patients with heart attacks? Why men are the biggest daily consumers of medicines such as Fildena 100 from platforms like Powpills. And the majority of these disorders start occurring in the 40s due to the beginning of symptoms of old age. The 40s is a very crucial time in the life of a man as it is the transition period from adulthood to old age.

The immune system starts weakening, bone density gets degraded making bones weak, stress handing capability decreases, small wounds take more time to heal etc. But many men find it hard to adapt to these new changes and hence, become sufferers of greater damaging disorders. In this article, we shall discuss the 6 unusual practices of men in 40s that pose danger to their health.

Remaining awake till late at night

Those were the days when we used to chat or work till late at night, sometimes even till early morning. But this routine can be handled by someone in their 20s and 30s due to exceptional functioning of the brain during that age. Working till late at night in the 40s will make you vulnerable to insomnia, narcolepsy, depression etc.

Usually, a man is habituated to sleeping at night and working during the day. Hence, if one finds day you work till early morning will damage the sleep cycle causing patchy sleep during the daytime. Hence, you may not be able to concentrate fully on work. And in the 40s mostly men have a settled professional hence, it may happen that you may be the boss or manager. Thus, feeling sleepy at work will give a bad impression of yours on your subordinates.


Not only your professional life may get a hit but also your intimate life. Many people may say that the 40s is not the age of youthful romance hence, intimate life is not an important matter in the 40s. But this is the biggest myth regarded to men’s health. Till testosterone is produced in the testes the feelings of intimacy remain, it may be suppressed for a while due to work pressure and other reasons but it will pop up again. Usually, men in their 40s are found avid users of Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60.

Getting addicted

From the 30s one must aim to give up addictions completely by the 40s. Start by reducing the intake of addictive elements such as tobacco, alcohol or recreational drugs. It is true that totally giving up an addiction is not possible suddenly. It is a habit that has occurred due to continuous intake of such substances for months or years. Therefore, the mind is habituated to taking tobacco, alcohol or any such substance. Hence, its treatment will also take time.

Not moving your body

In the 40s as said earlier the body moves towards old age. The muscles and tissues thus lose their flexibility and skin start to get loose. It’s always to be flexible as it helps in undertaking several tasks. But if your body is not used to much movement and suddenly one day you decided to do extreme stretching then it may cause cramps and hamstrings. So, to avoid such a situation exercise moderately but daily.

Eating heavy food at night

If you ask any doctor about eating at night. The first thing they say is to eat light food at night and hence, avoid cholesterol and sugar-rich foods. Such foods take more time to digest and hence, they may not let you fall asleep easily. This increases the chances of poor bowel causing constipation, acidity and indigestion. Eat at least 3 to 4 hours before going to bed so that stomach gets enough time to break down the food.

Shortage of water

This is the current trend that people are drinking less water and replacing it with sugary drinks just for the satisfaction of taste. Mind you this is utter non-sense and extremely unhealthy, no drink can ever replace water. Hence, a shortage of water in the body leads to the accumulation of toxic waste in the form of urine and stool in the body. This affects the functioning of various organs to reduces the overall productivity of the man.