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What Can Your HOA Board Expect from an Association Manager?

The majority of HOAs employ qualified community managers. Homeowners must know what HOA managers can and cannot do. Generally, these managers are hired to carry out policies that the association board sets and manage everyday operations. To make sure residents do not expect more from an HOA manager, board members must give them clarity. Click here if you want to know more about the responsibilities of an HOA management company. 

HOA management companies are hired to handle an association for the board. They oversee the community’s everyday activity and manage each aspect from community events to maintenance and member concerns. 

Responsibilities of an HOA Manager

 Typically, HOA managers handle the following aspects of running an HOA:

  • Compliance and legal matters. Every HOA must comply with local, state, and federal laws to avoid penalties and fines. An HOA manager will ensure the association complies with legal requirements. 
  • Budgeting. HOA managers can manage different accounting and bookkeeping tasks. These tasks include establishing and enforcing the budget of an association. 
  • Collecting dues. With an HOA manager onboard, an association does not have to worry about not being able to collect association dues. A good manager stays on top of this task. 
  • Maintenance. Typically, HOA managers handle communication with residents and hire contractors and pay invoices for repairs and maintenance services that have been completed. 

What to Look for in an HOA Manager

An HOA board’s success is usually determined by the kind of management they pick. A reliable HOA management company helps board members stay on task, improve the overall quality of life of homeowners, fulfill their duties, and keep the community attractive to buyers. When you look for an HOA manager to work with your board, here’s what you should look for:

  • Good customer service skills. An HOA manager will handle daily association management and make sure everything runs smoothly. They must respond to issues and concerns promptly and address them right away while keeping a positive attitude toward customers. 
  • Effective communication. A good manager is easily accessible as well as facilitates regular and prompt communication with members of the HOA board, homeowners, and service providers.
  • Organization. HOA managers collect assessments, negotiate contracts, attend meetings, and manage projects. Because of the many tasks they handle, they should have solid organizational skills that let them complete tasks efficiently, access documents easily, and ensure the HOA continues to run smoothly. 
  • Financial skills. An HOA manager will handle a lot of the association’s financial aspects. They should clearly understand its reserve study and operating budget. Also, they are expected to be transparent about the financial health of the association.