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How expensive is it to play online bingo?

The main ways that bingo is played are either at bingo halls, which is the traditional way or online at virtual bingo sites. Bingo is a more sedate form of gambling than slots, therefore players spend a lot less in a typical bingo session than they do spinning the reels.

The cost of playing bingo varies as some games can be played for between £1 to £3 and it is up to the bingo player to pick and choose the games they want to commit to. Despite the relatively low cost of playing bingo, there are still some healthy jackpots up for grabs both online and at land-based bingo establishments – also check out OnlineBingo to play bingo games.

When it comes to playing bingo at land-based bingo halls, other factors must be taken into consideration when it comes to putting a figure on the cost of a bingo night out. Bingo nights have become events, such as getting tickets to a concert or nightclub.

This means that there may be an entry fee and then drinks and food costs need to be added as well. This is more the case for rave bingo events that have more of a nightclub flavour to them.

Bingo Online 

The cost of playing bingo online varies greatly as well. If you are a new player, then you may have to deposit and play through a certain amount to access a welcome bonus. An example of this could be that you are required to deposit and spend £10 to get £10 in bingo tickets, to play certain games. Online bingo is faster than playing bingo at a bingo hall and there is also far more choice of games to play. Along with more choice comes a wider price range and some sites even offer customers penny bingo.

Individual games online can cost anything from between 1p to £1 or more. The less expensive games are more competitive with far more players involved in each game, the more expensive bingo games increase the odds of a win due to less competition for each prize. 

The Cost of Online Bingo 

Ultimately, the cost of bingo is down to the individual and factors such a game choice, the length of time spent online, and whether bingo session bulk buying has taken place. Session bingo is when you pay a set price for a group of bingo games that take place during a set time, rather than paying for each game. 

It is easier to overspend on online bingo because there are fewer distractions such as other entertainments, drinks, food, and other players to meet, which is all part of the bingo hall experience. 

Free Bingo 

There is however more free bingo online and these free games run at regular set times at online establishments every day. It is hard to win with free bingo because of the large number of players wanting to take part. However, it is worth having a go as it gives your bingo bankroll a break and allows bingo players some free bingo play on the house. Free bingo wins are usually wager-free but come with smaller top prizes.


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