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These 5 Benefits Explain Why Touchscreen Technology Is So Popular

When touchscreen technology first hit the market, it was seen as the next best development after computer technology itself. Laptops fitted with a touchscreen became all the rage and to this day, they are among the best-selling computers of all time. But why did they become so popular? It had to be more than the novelty of the technology. Actually, there are several reasons why consumers love using a touchscreen and here are a few of them.

1.      Speed of Communication

Let’s look at computers that require a lot of speed to better understand why this benefit is so important. Take a Lenovo Touchscreen Gaming Laptop, for example, to get an idea of a laptop with sufficient speed to run today’s hi-tech games. Speed is of the essence, and this is why graphics cards in gaming computers have a super-fast GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). However, a study out of Turkey proved without a doubt that a touchscreen is faster than communicating with a mouse and so that extra speed is important.

2. No Need for a Peripheral Device

How many times have you pulled your laptop out only to realize you left your mouse at home? It can be a royal pain, especially if you don’t like using the touchpad. The touchscreen is amazing, but a touchpad isn’t to your liking. With a touchscreen you have no reason to worry about not having a peripheral device to do tasks like copying and pasting, even if you have a touchpad, because you can do that right on the screen in front of you.

3. When Your Wireless Mouse Suddenly Dies

Then there are the times when your wireless mouse suddenly dies while in the midst of some task. Unless you have a touchscreen, you will need to set your work or game aside until you replace the batteries in your mouse. It can be more than a bit annoying, especially if you are in a Player vs. Player, PvP, game. Even though you may be using the controller for the action, you may also use the mouse to navigate the system. A dead mouse just won’t cut it!

4. For Use by People with Disabilities

Some people have disabilities that limit their fine motor movement. Using a mouse can be possible but it isn’t as comfortable for the disabled person as using one finger on a touchscreen. This also is the case for people who have carpel tunnel syndrome. Using a mouse is just too painful so a touchscreen makes it possible for them to communicate with the system.

5. Drag and Drop Made Easy

One final benefit that many people like is the ease at which they can use the drag and drop function. You simply put your index finger on the file you want to move and then slide it to its new location. When you get there on the screen, just release your finger and your file will be quickly relocated.

These are just five of the many benefits to be found with a touchscreen laptop. It’s amazing just how popular a touchscreen has become, and these benefits are among the reasons why.