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Guidelines for safe travel during the pandemic

Pandemic has restricted human activities in many ways. To protect yourself, taking precautions becomes essential. Being cautious is not only a personal choice but also a legal mandate. It implies that you are responsible for taking care of yourself and others. 

Vaccines help by preventing covid altogether or by at least mitigating the severity. However, you can be safe only when you follow specific other guidelines. Especially, travel guidelines are very vital to be followed. 

Unrestricted travel was one of the reasons that led to the wild spread of the covid virus. Thus, covid test for travel became mandatory. Here, you can learn the safety measures and precautions to be followed if you have planned to travel during the pandemic. 

Guidelines to follow before you travel 

Get vaccinated 

Everyone must be vaccinated, but if you are not vaccinated, please take the two doses as soon as possible. After taking the second dose, wait for two weeks and do not travel immediately as your body needs time to build protection acquired from the vaccination. So, you have to plan your travel according to the vaccination schedule. 

Get the booster doses.

If you take two doses of vaccine plus the booster dose, you can increase the protection threefold. Consider all the necessary doses before you plan to travel, which is good for yourself and others.

Ensure you are not covid positive 

Anyone can be affected by the coronavirus. So, do not have a baseless delusion that you will never be affected by covid. Older people are more prone to be affected by severe covid illness. So, make sure you take a test. 

Many platforms now assist in taking the covid test for travel and provide you with appropriate documents for travelling. You can book your slot online and pay for the covid test ticket. After the test, you can get your results via SMS and mail. You can download the certificate in PDF format. 

Know the destination’s requirements for travellers 

Even after taking all the doses and booster doses, make sure you know the restrictions and requirements you need to travel. Knowing the testing and travel rules beforehand, you can prepare yourself accordingly. 

Guidelines to follow when you travel 

Basic rules

Please wear a mask during your travel. Also, ensure that it fits both your mouth and nose. Follow social distancing guidelines which are about 6 feet or 2 meters.

Avoid crowded places and ensure that every place you go has enough ventilation. Completely avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands before you eat and after you cough and sneeze. 

Do not touch the over-touched surfaces.

Do not touch handrails, elevator buttons, and kiosks with bare hands. They are touched by most people and can be a way for infection. If you have to touch these spots, wash your hands immediately or use a sanitiser containing 60% alcohol. 

To sum up, we all know how the government, health organisations, local agencies, and communities struggled to control the spread of the virus. Travel bans and many other restrictions were laid that affected everyday life. 

Initially, no one was allowed into the boundaries of many countries. However, now as the covid is almost under control, with appropriate vaccination certificates, travels are now easy. But at least to maintain the status quo, it is in your hands to follow the rules and never do anything that can contribute to the spread of the virus.