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Easy, Hassle-Free Group Travel With Mumbai Bus Rentals

Bond, Ride, Explore: The Group Traveller’s Guide to Bus Rentals in Mumbai

Group travel, whether with family, friends, colleagues or strangers, has its fun and advantages. Imagine travelling with like-minded people and sharing your experiences! Moreover, group travel is lighter on your pocket too. And of course, there is more safety in numbers.

If your group is embarking on a road trip from or within Mumbai, it is advisable to consider a bus rental agency. Bus on hire Mumbai is not only a smart and affordable transport option but also gives you flexibility of choosing an itinerary as per your needs.

Here is all you need to know to hire bus Mumbai for hassle-free travel:

Decide the Number of Travellers

A rental bus is available in varying seating capacities ranging from 13 to 49 seats. An accurate count of travellers will help you decide whether you need a tempo traveller, minibus or a large bus.

Estimate Travel Duration

Do you need the bus just for a day or overnight? Are you travelling for a week or a couple of days? The travel duration will enable you to book the bus exclusively for your group for those many days.

Fix the Itinerary

Let’s say, your group wants to visit Mahabaleshwar for a weekend trip. Your itinerary should include the local sightseeing spots you want to cover or any detours you want to take (Kaas Plateau, Pratapgarh Fort, Tapola, etc.). Usually, you have to pay a per km rate for bus in Mumbai for any trip. A well-planned itinerary can give you the approximate transport cost per traveller in your group. 

Check for Bus Amenities and Features

Unlike the state public buses, private rental agencies provide bus options with a range of different amenities and features. Some buses have basic factory-fitted features but they are ideal for a day trip or when your budget is tight. Some buses have upholstered seats with ample leg room, padded footrests and armrests. Some buses even have plush interiors, private lockers, UBS charging points, high-end music systems, etc. 

Your budget and need for comfort will determine the choice of these amenities and features for a bus on rent Mumbai.

Verify Bus Condition and Driver Credentials

After you hire bus Mumbai, you can request the rental agency to allow you to check the bus condition and driver credentials. You can also verify the necessary documents to ensure that all permits are in order and the driver has gone through a sound background check.

SimplyTrip understands that bus hire Mumbai for group travel should be a seamless experience for you. Hence, it offers bus variants across different seating capacities, features, amenities, and budget. It maintains all its vehicles in top condition and onboards only experienced drivers after a multi-audit process as it puts customer safety as a number one priority. Every vehicle is equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency exits and ABS & EBD features. You can also get a dedicated personal travel manager for your group trip. This manager will organise and coordinate your entire journey so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Get in touch today to book a bus for your next group travel!