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Sahil Khattar

Sahil Khattar: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Sahil Khattar (born 21 March 1991) is an Indian YouTuber, television host and actor. He works with YouTube channels, named Khattarnaak and Being Indian. In 2007, he have become a radio jockeyand then joined the content creation company Being Indian. He then moved to mainstream television with website hosting tv shows like Dance India Dance, … Read more

rajat tokas

Rajat Tokas: Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Career

Rajat Tokas: Intro Rajat Tokas (born 19 July 1991) is an Indian tv actor regarded for portraying the position of Prithviraj Chauhan in Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan, Akbar in Jodhaa Akbar, and Chandragupta in Chandra Nandini. Tokas was … Read more

Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Net Worth

Love Island is a popular tv show broadcasting on British television. The very first season of Love Island was shown back in the year 2005 and after its final season in 2006, it was cancelled. However, from 2015 the show … Read more

Paloma Rao

Paloma Rao: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Paloma Rao: Intro Paloma Rao is a video jockey, radio jockey and actress based in Chennai. She is the sister of popular actress and television personality Rochelle Rao, who was crowned Miss India International back in 2012. Rochelle has also … Read more

Trent Lane

Trent Lane: Bio, Character, Life, Career, Age

ABOUT: Trent Lane Trent: The son of Vincent Lane and Amanda Lane. Trent Lane is the second youngest Lane child in the family. His younger brother is called Jane lane. Jane Lane aspires music in the band known as Mystic … Read more

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Net Worth

Naruto Uzumaki, the most famous anime character that most people in the world have heard about. Uzumaki Naruto is a manga and anime series which got super famous and is rated as a legendary anime. It is literally named as … Read more

srikanth addala

Srikanth Addala: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Srikanth Addala is one of the Indian film directors also known to work in Telugu cinema and also work as an assistant director and appeared in several kinds of films and appear as directorial debut for movies in 2008. And … Read more

Dorothea Williams

Dorothea Williams: Bio, Ideas, Looks, Creative

Animated films have seen great success in the film industry as although they are 3d computer generated graphic films but the storyline with amazing characterization play a crucial role in its success. Not only the main character but some supporting … Read more

Mahira Sharma

Mahira Sharma: Everything You Need To Know About

Mahira Sharma, an Indian TV actress, and model were born on November 25, 1997. She gained notoriety by appearing on ‘Bigg Boss 13,’ an Indian game reality show. Her age is 25 years. Mahira Sharma: Early Life On November 25, … Read more

Maria Guardiola

Maria Guardiola: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Father

Daughter of celebrity parents Father – Pep Guardiola – ex Spanish football player Mother – Christina Guardiola – Fashionista, Journalist, Write Maria Guardiola is the celebrity daughter of Pep Guardiola and Cristina Serra Guardiola. She is one of the three … Read more