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6 Exciting Things to Do in Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is situated in the northeastern region of Adelaide and is known for many things. But the place is mainly known for producing high-quality wines like Barossa Shiraz. This place, located in the Southern part of Australia, has almost 150 wineries and 80 cellar doors, but that’s not all about Barossa. Do you know you can get a good look at all the vineyards from a hot balloon while sipping the red wine? Yes, there’s more to do in this place than you think.

Australia is a place with a lot of beautiful sceneries, people, culture and wildlife. You will be amazed by the sights you see in the country, and Barossa is no exception. And if you plan to visit Barossa, there is a list of things you could do at that place. So do you want to know? The article will help you understand the beauty of this place and why people visit this valley every year.

Things You May Do in Barossa

  1. Are You a Foodie?

There’re self-drive bakers, butchers, winemaker trail and many restaurants where you can have a ball. You can enjoy samples of delicate cheeses, fresh bread, and local drinks. You can also see several tourists coming from every corner of the world to enjoy the food and culture of the valley. 

  1. Fly High

Do you know where you can get the best view of the valley? It’s from the hot air balloon. There are a few hot air balloon services in the valley, and if you book before the visit, you could get the service at the time of your choice. As such, you can experience the beauty of the vineyards by floating over the valley after your gourmet breakfast.

  1. Ride Through the Barossa Trail

Do you want to discover the valley in a picturesque way? If yes, then you can get a bicycle to explore the valley’s rolling countryside. The trail offers 40 km of cafés, villages, and cellar doors. And you can stop by and experience everything there. For more updates, visit:

So if you have a few days to spend in the valley, cycling is the best way to see everything the valley offers and enjoy the time doing so. This kind of exploration is way better than driving a car through the trial.

  1. The Wine Cellars and Vineyards

The trip to the valley is incomplete without tasting the amazing wine it has to offer. You can try several varieties of wines in the valley, like Barossa Shiraz, and each one will taste fantastic. And the best part is, you can visit the vineyards and try the grapes and berries as much as you want. Overall, the experience will be beautiful.

  1. Spend the Night at Luxury Cottages and Homesteads

You will be amazed by the total number of historical homesteads and cottages in the Barossa. You can feel the old-world charm of the location and luxury of the modern times. As such, the stay will be a memorable one for you, and you will want to revisit the place.

  1. Hiking Through the National Park

Several tourists visit Barossa every year to experience the thrill of hiking through the national park. There are five major national parks in this region, namely:

  • Hale Conservation Park
  • Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park
  • Sandy Creek Conservation Park
  • Para Wirra Conservation Park
  • Warren Conservation Park

You must go to at least one of these national parks if you love hiking.

These are just some of the amazing things you can do at the Barossa Valley. So if you plan for at least a week-long trip, you can enjoy the whole valley.