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Month: August 2022

Xiaomi Gets Major Releif As court in India lifts block on $725 million

Xiaomi does get a major boost as the Indian court clear the blockage of $725 millionin royalty case. The court did hold the money as it felt the mega tech brand is using loop holes in law to make an … Read more

How Far Will Rezilion Go With $30M Funding?

Rezilion sees that $30M is good enough for them to lead things forward and make a plan that can indeed work very well for them. It does show, on the one hand, the plans they have. On the other hand, … Read more

Lyft Sees Rise InLight Guidance As They Are Delivering Continuous Incentives

Lyft has not seen a great rise in their ability to spend big from their own side as they have warned investors to keep on giving and spending on driver incentives. Otherwise, they do not see the growth as the … Read more

Polygon Boosting Its Supernets Blockchain With $100M

Supernets is a brand-new type of dedicated blockchain network that Polygon has introduced, and it has pledged to invest $100 million in businesses that make use of it. Projects interested in accelerating their expansion through a specialised Polygon Supernet chain … Read more

Karen Cavaller

Karen Cavaller: Bio, Age, Cristian Romero Wife

Karen Cavaller is a celebrity wife who is known to the public as the wife of the Argentinian centre-back, Cristian Romero. She is not a typical WAG and avoids all the spotlight. She is a very private person. Her husband … Read more